Haunted Home (trailer)


By Rebecca Rand

Voices (in order of appearance):
Rebecca Rand (host)

Emi Nietfeld, interviewee, author of Acceptance (Penguin Press, Aug ’22)

Rebecca Rand [Narration] 0:00

Emi Nietfeld has been renovating her home for the past two years. Recently she told me that, at night, she just lies awake, thinking about all the things that have to be done. And then she starts scrolling.

(“Pulsing Drone” by Nielsvdb)

Emi Nietfeld [voice memo] 0:13

(woven montage of voices) …in the middle of the night…

…yeah, it’s really soothing to just click, click, click, click, click…

…I’m looking for a circular rug…

…Scrolling home design sites, because I hope it’ll calm me down…

…apparently, I’m boho…

(footsteps on staircase)

Emi Nietfeld [in apartment] 0:28

(in background) Hi! Thank you so much for coming over!

Rebecca Rand [in apartment] 0:29


(Indistinct conversation)

Rebecca Rand [Narration] 0:31

Emi and Byron got married five years ago. From the outside, they had all the trappings of privilege. Originally, she wanted everyone to think that it had always been that way for her, but as much as she tried, her old life kept intruding.

Emi Nietfeld [interview] 0:45

My mom, as like a wedding gift to me, brought me my old journals and stuff from my bedroom, and she brought it in this tote bag. But at the bottom of the tote bag was, like, just a bunch of pieces of, like, mouse poop.

(“Pulsing Drone” by Nielsvdb fades out in background)