Music and Mutual Aid: Queer Gathering in NYC – Trailer


Voices (in order of appearance):
Sarah Luft (Host)
Kristin (Dave) Dausch, Dave’s Lesbian Bar
Gwen Shockey, Addresses Project
Asanni Armon, For The Gworls

[Background party noise with quote “They’re so cute!” at Dave’s pop-up]

SARAH LUFT [NARRATION]: Mini banana, strawberry, and grape-shaped erasers sit in a basket.

They’re surrounded by t-shirts that say ‘Money is fake. Community is real.’ …and lots of free books.

GOTHAM CHEER TEAM: We’re Gotham Cheer. We’re here. We’re queer. We’re Gotham Cheer!

SARAH LUFT: It’s all part of Dave’s Lesbian Bar’s latest pop-up event.

KRISTIN (DAVE) DAUSH: Gender is dead and this is a queer space and this is a trans space. And I love that it makes people ask questions.

[Drumline playing from the Battle of the Bands event]

SARAH LUFT: Today’s event theme? Battle of the Bands.

KRISTIN (DAVE) DUASCH: I want to connect musicians, queer art, and helping neighbors.

GWEN SHOCKEY: For me mutual aid is work, like a workaround for this horrible system, that we’re all seemingly trapped in, capitalism.

ASANNI ARMON: I think it’s just kind of been a foundational tool for queer communities, especially black queer, and trans communities, to really live.