Leona and Jim Palumbo in the SCA in the late 1980’s.

Knights for Social Change 

By Angela Palumbo

An organization that aims to live in the past struggles to grip with the realities of the present in order to create an equitable future.The Society of Creative Anachronisms (SCA) is a place where people temporarily transform into the past. My parents were members of this organization since the 1980’s, and until my fathers recent passing, the SCA was a huge part of his life. Recently, the SCA has gone through changes surrounding issues of diversity and equity. After losing my dad, I dove into trying to understand what was happening in this organization he loved so much, and why.

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Special thanks to Kalli Anderson for allowing me to create this piece in honor of my dad. Also thanks to my supportive classmates for being so kind throughout this process. Lastly, thank you to everyone who sat down and spoke to me for this piece. This piece is dedicated to my knight and my king; my dad.