Watching a Tik Tok video of Flamy Grant, a drag queen. (Mary Steffenhagen)

Deconstructing Tik Tok 

By Mary Steffenhagen

When you leave your church, where can you go? Meet a drag queen who’s using Tik Tok to deconstruct her faith, connect with others and reclaim herself.

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This documentary was reported and produced by Mary Steffenhagen. Thanks to users rvgerxini, pryght-one, RutgerMiller and oyenstikker on FreeSound.org for sound effects and Podington Bear for music. Tik Tok sounds from users @flamygrant, @aprilajoy, @heather.elise.rainbow, @thewoodmother, @waynefeltonii, @kylee60, @ericakshannon, @joeytrieb, @lissajostewart and @abrahampiper. Special thanks to Piper Ramsey-Sumner, Melissa Jo Stewart and Matthew Lovegood for participating.